Gina Nadaw is a fleet manager for Blue Star Grocery.

Gina Nadaw is a fleet manager for Blue Star Grocery. Gina is responsible for managing the trucks and drivers that make deliveries to grocery stores in Colorado.
Gina wants to analyze shipping data and track the delivery times and accumulated mileage of the company drivers. Gina has compiled a shipping log detailing the routes of four drivers from the past three months and will be creating the Pivot tables and Pivot charts to analyze data.
The driving log worksheet contains driving records of four blue star grocery driver. Each records contains a separate segment of a daily trip by a driver and provides the date and times for each segment.
Gina wants to track the number of minutes the drivers are over their scheduled driving times.
Gina wants to track the daily distance driven by the drivers.
What type of predictive analysis tools learned in modules 5-8 can be used for this purpose?
List at least three tools from the lesson and explain why you think they are appropriate





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