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  • bis 245 lab 7

    Deliverables Submit the modified Lab7_Start.accdb file that you saved as YourName_Lab7.accdb to the Week 7 Lab for grading. Part A: Develop the enter data, view reports, print reports, and customer database navigation forms. Part B: Create the close database form and add it to the main database navigation form. Set the database options. The post…

  • draft prospectus

    Please see the attached draft prospectus and make the changes using the professional administrative study The post draft prospectus appeared first on BlueOrigin EssayWriters.

  • need a 5 7 page paper and powerpoint and a 1 page summary of an article

    I need a 5-7 page paper and power point done on my internship that i completed. I will send all information regarding this in a few hours. This is due in 4 days I need a 1 page summary completed on the article attached below. It is about Donating Organs. You don’t have to do…

  • final final 1

    Final 4 Short Answers: 60 points (15 points per question): Choose 4 out of the 5 questions to answer. No MORE than 1 double spaced page per question. Use the readings, lectures, discussions, and screenings to craft your answer. A good answer will include quotations (that are then explained and addressed by you), specific examples…

  • criminal procedure probable cause article summary 6

    Find a recent news article on the Internet that concerns probable cause and criminal procedure. Write a 1,050- to 1,200-word summary of the article in which you analyze the requirements for search and arrest warrants, and how they relate to the right to privacy and probable cause. In addition, discuss exceptions to warrant requirements. Format…

  • draw design 3 by hand

    design number 3 should have a through description of what it is, how it works/meets the design challenge and a figure or sketch. The post draw design 3 by hand appeared first on BlueOrigin EssayWriters.

  • complete short history discussion peterson

    respond to BOTH of the following: Describe the changing role of the federal government in the 1960s. What new roles and responsibilities did the government assume? In your opinion, can the government affect permanent social change? Why or why not? In your opinion, what is the most effective method for changing society—voting, challenges in court,…

  • solving a real world problem using graph theory 1

    Hello, I need some assistance solving and writing a graph theory problem. The question is: Part I: Complete the following steps: Select a real-world optimization problem that is an example of the Chinese Postman Problem Create a graph modeling the real-world scenario corresponding to the problem. Use weights to represent the variable that you are…

  • recent trip 1

    Personal Essay TOPIC: Recent trip 5 paragraph First paragraph have thesis statement. Thesis statement is about your realization. Realization is what youâ€re learn new during this trip. Body: what you see, experience, details. satisfy conclusion: wrap it up and share full realization Engaging opening: anecdote, quote, paint a picture Thesis: what is your purpose, or…

  • from trust advisor book write summary what did you learn from it

    From trust advisor book, write summary what did you learn from it? only write two paragraph using your own word , no plagiarism. not eveything should including , you can do it only for two. The post from trust advisor book write summary what did you learn from it appeared first on BlueOrigin EssayWriters.

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